The most accurate and reliable API for blockchain data

Real-time, enriched blockchain data for 4.5 million+ tokens & 1 billion NFTs on 57 networks

Raw blockchain data is complex to parse and requires a ton of work to be useful for most applications.

Maintaining mountains of custom code, servers, RPC nodes, etc — running your own indexer is a headache you don’t want.

Codex saves you precious time, money, and developer resources by handling all of this for you.

The Codex API provides fast and accurate enriched data, meticulously structured to easily plug straight into your application.

Token & NFT Pricing
Real-time Charts
Aggregated Data
Holders & Balances

The fastest, most accurate chart data

Everything required to quickly populate accurate and comprehensive pricing charts.

Real-time & historical USD pricing data

Get the exact value of every real-time or historical on-chain transaction.

Instant, real-time aggregate data

Volume, liquidity, unique wallets, and more available instantly for multiple timeframes.

Learn more about codex
Learn more about codex

Industry-leading network support

Codex powers real-time experiences for



Get accurate data for both established and emerging tokens — from WETH, SOL, WBNB, and ARB down to the latest alt-coin.



Seamlessly connect with blockchain networks like Ethereum, Solana, Arbitrum, Base, Optimism, Blast, Avalanche, Polygon, and many more.



Get complete data for collections across all networks so that you don’t have holes in your NFT product.

Codex powers industry-leaders

Learn more about how Codex saves industry-leaders time, money, and development resources.

TradingView, and their 50 million users, rely on Codex as the sole source of truth for all on-chain data.

“Codex has been instrumental in our efforts to support high quality DEX data via the TradingView interface. We were using 3-4 data providers previously, including the Graph, and have now consolidated everything to Codex.”

Alex T., Head of Product, Crypto

Sudoswap rely on Codex as their definitive single source of truth for historical data, significantly reducing engineering and AWS costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Working with the Codex team has been a game-changer. Codex seamlessly provides all the data we need, when we need it. If the data we want isn't currently available, the development team makes it available for us. I wish all of our integrations went this smoothly.”

Owen, Co-Founder of Sudorandom Labs